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Snap-on Electronics & Arduino

Electronic Kit 15A

Snap-on Electronic Kits for Beginners

This DIY kit is designed to introduce a child to Electricity. It has 15
experiments focused on basic electrical circuits, experiments with light,
motors, series and parallel, single direction conductivity, bi-polar
conductivity, Magnetic activation of devices, speed/brightness control
and dual switch control.

Electronic kit 15 B

This DIY kit is designed to introduce a child to electronics without getting
into details. To keep it exciting it has 15 experiments focused on Magic
of sound. Children generate the Sound of emergency vehicles, sound of
machine gun fire, Lights of emergency vehicles, Flashing LED’s, mixing of
light and sound, basic principle behind alarms, making a Burglar alarm and
a Conductivity Probe.

Electronic Kit 188

Focused Electronic Kits for Imparting Domain Specialisation

This DIY kit is designed to help a child take his learning to a higher level
on his own. The kit enables him to do 188 experiments like Level 1
Electronic lab in a box. It adds and focuses on multiple methods of
activation of devices like touch activation, sound activation, light
activation wind activation, moisture activation etc into a child’s learning.
It is the steppingstone to level 2.

Focused Electronic Kits

Electronic kit RGB -Magic of Light

This DIY kit is focused on the topic of Light. It goes into professional
details of light and RGB. Children get to do projects and learn theory
behind mixing of colours, mixing of light, mixing of colour and light,
understand the amazing world of LED’s and industrial colour schemes for
cosmetics, architecture etc. It is a child’s first step in attaining domain
specialisation in colour electronics

Electronic kit Alternate energy

Importance of alternate energy in any child’s life cannot be
overemphasised. Children get to do over four dozen projects related to
Solar Energy, Solar batteries, generators, wind energy, mechanical
energy and making gadgets related to these like electronical music box

Electronic kit Voice Magic

Voice is the wonder of electronics. In this focused kit children get to
make electronic story books, voice activated story books, sound
recording, working of emergency numbers, sound & light effects,
electronic zoo, making games, electronic parrot, music box, obedient
light bulb and more. This kit is a Childs Fun Gallery

Electronic kit measuring instruments

Measuring instruments are a key area of human life. This kit is also called
Measure Anything. Children get to make and learn about digital
thermometer, ultrasonic rangefinder, digital sound level meter, light
meter, smart streetlights, digital voltmeter, digital ohm meter, digital
counters, understand the binary counting system and electronic clock,

Electronic Labs in a Box for Home, Schools and Colleges

Level 1 – Beginners Electronic Lab 34 experiments

This kit is designed to help a child ignite a permanent interest in
Electronics. To help do so, it comes with a four module 0n-line course
covering the need to learn Electronics, understanding electronic circuits,
Ohms law & discreet components. Understanding light & sounds.
Understanding IC’s and transistors, magnetic activation of devices and
making gadgets like FM radio, conductivity probe, Morse trainer, burglar
alarm and more

Level 2 – Enthusiasts Electronic Lab 390 experiments

This kit is designed to cement a child’s interest in Electronics. To do so
this kit comes with a course containing seven modules. level 2 onwards
we start explaining important theoretical and GK aspects behind the
experiments. We now start going deeper into a child’s understanding of
Light, sound, and activation of devices. Combining sound and light to
make shows. Understand specialised components and the world of
wireless. The level ends in making a few dozen gadgets with many more
to be made

Level 3 – Intermediate Electronic Lab 979 experiments

This comes with a course and is a must have kit for any child who wants
to make a career in electronics, IT, Robotics, and automation. Suited to
children of high school and colleges, in this level we get into higher
electronics covering topics like logical elements, seven segment displays
etc. The experiments done or gadgets made are the one the children
would normally do in college

Level 4 – Advance Electronic Lab.

The lab comes with a course and is an investment for life. Designed for
high schools and colleges, this level 4 electronic lab contains the best of
the entire family of Snap-on Electronic kits. With this lab at home, a child
gets a passport to the international world of electronic education and
lays a sound foundation to becoming an innovator and an inventor.
There is nothing more a child could ask for

Level 5 Basic Arduino Lab.

This Level 5 DIY lab is a must have passport to the futuristic world of
Robotics, automation, AI Deep Learning and more. It lays the foundation
of Arduino and embedded C. The child goes through 60 projects and 90
programmes on topics like Device control, data receipt and processing,
feedback control, accuracy, notes & frequencies, Arduino programming
languages C/C++ and making your very first robot

Regulation Friendly Drones

Educational Drone Technology Kit

Airblock – The Transformable Drone

Worlds first and only Damage Tolerant, modular, transformable drone
designed for education. This unique product teaches children how to
make and code multirotor drones from parts. It also teaches them to
make other vehicles and gadgets that are propelled by Propellors, like
Hovercraft etc. Provides an ideal platform to learn drone flying

Hubsen Photography Nano Drones

Hubsen H111C Nano Cam

This little drone comes with a fixed 480 P camera and a remote
controller with 25 m range. Can take still photos and videos. Fly indoor
or outdoor. Can flip and roll

Hubsen H507A

This GPS controlled drone has a 720 P camera, is controlled by an app
and has a range of 50 meters. Can take still photos and videos. Includes
all advance drone features like altitude hold, expert move FPV, headless
mode, follow me, return to home, way points, auto take off and landing,
orbiting, wi-fi, flight control failsafe and low power fail safe

Hubsen H507A+

This GPS controlled drone is same as H507A except that it has an
external remote controller. It features a 720 P camera, is controlled by
an app and has a range of 50 meters. Can take still photos and videos.
Includes all advance drone features like altitude hold, expert move FPV,
headless mode, follow me, return to home, way points, auto take off and
landing, orbiting, wi-fi, flight control failsafe and low power fail safe

Hubsen H 261A

This GPS controlled drone has a 1280 P camera and its own remote
controller. It has a range of 50 meters and a flying time of 12 minutes.
Can take still photos and videos. Includes all advance drone features like
altitude hold, expert move FPV, headless mode, follow me, return to
home, way points, auto take off & landing, orbiting, wi-fi, flight control
failsafe and low power fail safe

Products to Learn Coding


mTiny is a pre-assembled robot that teaches pre-coding concepts to children ages 3 plus.

The only pre-requisite for a child to be able to learn is to know how to distinguish various colours.

mTiny helps young childs to imagine, explore the world around them, discover, create story lines, think logically, and apply their mind in how to make the robot execute what they are thinking.

A wonderful device to keep a child usefully engaged at home and in a day care or a pre-school.

Codey Rocky Bluetooth

Codey rocky is a pre-assembled robot that teaches children coding using Scratch Programming Language and Python. A child who can read English can learn to code almost by himself.

It also teaches the role of sensors in robotics, how to code them, Animation and making games. Children also get to learn the basics of AI, IoT and Deep Learning. Children also get initiated to the role of external sensors to learn STEM. For more on this please see Neuron kits. Also see product 5 for a unique Codey Neuron combo.

Products to Learn Coding and STEM

Neuron Inventor Kit

The kit consists of 15 electronic modules including modules of sensors. Like noise sensor, light intensity sensor etc called Neurons.

Children get to learn how common things around them work and how they these sensors could be coded in scratch and python. They also get to learn how the electronic modules can be combined with creative arts to create prototypes of common gadgets or creative shows like sound and light.

Neuron Artist Kit

The kit consists of neuron modules and cut out of multiple art forms as shown in the picture to help children learn combining technology with art. Having learnt this child can make their own art forms to make gadgets as per their own imagination.

Codey Rocky Neuron Education Kit

This kit specially designed for schools, combines all the goodies of Cody Rocky with all the goodies of Neuron electronic Modules to teach STEM along with coding.

It is an ideal Coding cum STEM lab for home and an ideal technology initiator for primary and middle schools. The kit comes with six Neuron modules. Additional can be purchased as the child grows or as per school requirements.

Halo Code Standard Kit

Halo Code is a coin size single board wireless computer that fits in your palm.
Packed with sensors and electronic modules it helps children experiment and learn how common things around them work. How they can make gadgets. How they can combine Technology with Creative arts. Its ability to work with over 60 External sensors provide children an opportunity for limitless innovation, experimenting and learning.

It is a low-cost alternative to Neuron Modules. It is a STEAM lab in a box.

Products to Learn Robotics & Coding

mBot 2.4 Ghz Basis Robotic kit

mBot comes as a kit of 19 parts including mechanicals, electricals, electronic and sensors. Children learn to assemble and de-assemble a robot. Code it to perform daily life functions.

They get to think of what more they can create using these parts. mBot also has provision of attaching external sensors and electronics that come as add-on packs. Thus, the mBot you buy today, has the potential of growing with the child. it is the only product that enables a child to learn in scratch, python, and embedded C.

It is a beginner’s Robotic lab in a box.

mBot Ranger Bluetooth

mBot Ranger is a more powerful version of mBot. It is designed to teach tracked robotics.

It has a more powerful Arduino board meaning it can take on a greater number of external sensors and teach you more.  Children can code and learn in Scratch, Python and Embedded C. All the parts of mBot can be used with mBot Ranger to experiment and learn more.

It is an intermediate level Robotic lab in a box.

mBot Classroom Kit

Designed especially for schools and children having robotics as a passion, the kit includes the best of mBot and the best of its add-on packs. Containing one mBot, one Variety Gizmo and one Perception Gizmo, it packs a powerful learning punch.
It is a Basic Robotic lab in a Box. A must for every school.

Ultimate 2.0

Ultimate 2.0 as the name suggests is the ultimate in robotic education for a school or a college. Containing parts to make ten different mobile and stationary robots, it is an advance robotic lab in a box.

Add-On Packs to Create More Robots

Variety Gizmo Add-on Pack

Used with mBot & mBot Ranger, it is a powerhouse of robotics. It contains 6 add-on cases for mBot and 2 for mBot Ranger, this pack enriches the motion control and appearance relative to your robots. Include 5 types of mechanical parts in professional grade aluminium alloy. Also includes 5 electronic parts, e.g. a servo and an RGB LED module

Perception Gizmo Add-on Pack

Unleashing reimagination, this pack contains 5 add-on cases for mBot and 2 for mBot Ranger. Ideal for learning or teaching electronic concepts, it offers sufficiently essential sensors for more cool projects. Include 5 types of mechanical parts in professional grade aluminium alloy. Come with 5 electronic modules, e.g. a sound sensor, a temperature and humidity sensor, etc. Fun and educational ensemble to experience the wonders of electronic technologies

Interactive Light & Sound Add-on Pack for mBot

Used with your mBot. As the name goes, the add-on pack essentially adds 2 light sensors and a sound sensor to mBot to demonstrate the use of these two commonly used sensors in daily life. Turn your mBot into 3 different robots including Scorpion Robot, Light-Chasing Robot, and Intelligent Desk Lamp. Having learnt these three explore and make more robots.
The additional mechanical and electronic parts increase your mBot collection.

Servo Add-on Pack for mBot

Used with mBot, this add-on pack essentially adds a servo to mBot to demonstrate various use of servo, which is significant for robotics. Transform yours into 3 different robots including Dancing Cat, Head-Shaking Cat, and Light-Emitting Cat. Includes mechanicals and a servo plus a RGB LED module. More powerful way to code and learn.

Six-Legged Robot Add-on Pack for mBot

Used with mBot, this add-on pack can add to replace mBot’s wheels with aluminium beam legs, and thus changing the look of the robot, offering a playful way to understand beam system, robotic structural and motion design. Reimagine yours into “Beetle” “Mantis” and “Crazy Frog” Includes 5 types of beams to explore multiple ways of motion design.