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In either case, we would like you to have a wonderful experience with whatever you and your friends buy through us.

In case of a problem, please do not hesitate to contact us; and in case of satisfaction, do not hesitate to tell them.

Policy Rationale

This policy applies, only to products sold through BDS Education web site or registered with BDS Education for support.

BDS Education (hereafter referred as BDS), imports, products from multiple global OEM’s. The warranty is governed by the warranty policy of the respective OEM as mentioned on their web site.

Different OEM’s have different warranty clauses, some of which cannot be procedurally implemented in India, either due to re-export and re-import issues or due to interpretation of clauses and responsibilities. Due to this warranty support can at times, become a sour issue. This policy rationale aims at avoiding this.

In true spirit of customer support, BDS appreciates this problem and in all fairness offers a limited warranty to the products sold by it.

Based on over thirty year of experience in customer support, BDS has set up a full-fledged support cum repair facility, to support its customer base.

BDS Warranty Statement

A - BDS Warranty Statement

  • Warranty and non-warranty product support are both addressed by BDS Support.
  • BDS Support offers a limited warranty on its online product sales or sales through its entrepreneur/channel network or directly.
  • Online product registration for this is mandatory.
  • BDS support offers limited fair use warranty of its products as under:
  • Electronic modules have a fair use warranty period of six months.
  • Motors of three months.
  • No warranty applies to consumables, plastics, rubbers, batteries, cables, connectors, mechanicals and the like.

5. Any attempts to tamper with the product, will render the warranty null and void.
6. Faults induced by water seepage into the product for any reason will render the warranty null and void.
7. Body/frame damages on account of any reason including dropping/crash/collision, are not covered under warranty.
8. Parts replaced under warranty, get a warranty extension of half the original amount from the date of replacement. Thus, the net warranty will apply till this new date or the original date, which so ever is later.
9. Same applies to warranted parts replaced, after the warranty period, as non-warranty replacements.

B - Fair Use Clauses

  • We strongly recommend customers to use a regulated or stable power source for all our products as damages on account of electrical surges and fluctuations are not covered under warranty.
  • For the same reason, we also recommend switching off, while plugging in or plugging out of the main power source.

On arrival of any product:

  • Customer must ascertain that there is no apparent damage to the parcel. In case of any doubt, the customer has the option to refuse delivery and notify us or call our support centre and have the product opened in front of the delivery man with our consent. Further action will be taken by us accordingly
  • In any case, a photo of the damaged parcel needs to be taken by the customer for record

Customers are encouraged to view the product unpacking video where available, prior to its opening

Once the intact parcel is opened by the customer:

  • He must keep the original packing safely for use during returns
  • Customers should then go through the User/installation manual. In case of any doubt in the procedure, he must call the support centre for online help. Power should be supplied only after this

In case of DOA (Dead on Arrival), BDS customer support should be informed immediately to initiate the return procedure

In case the product gets powered on, further steps as per the manual/guide must be taken by the customer

In either case, online successful post power up confirmation in the form of registration by the customer is essential to close stage 1 support

The above procedure must be repeated after arrival of the DOA replacement when applicable

Stage 1 registration must be completed within five days of delivery or an online extension obtained prior to that

DOA clause shall cease at the end of the fifth day or the extended day or on date of successful post power up registration, which so ever is earlier

C - Product Registration - Warranty Stage 1


D - Warranty Procedure – Warranty Stage 2

Once the product is registered, the fair use period of the product shall start.

Any fault occurring during this, is referred to as stage 2 fault and needs to follow the procedure on the flow chart below. This also covers the procedure for non-warranty repairs:


All replaced parts will become the property of BDS Support

E - Disputes

  • BDS Support will always attempt to be fair to the customer and would expect reciprocity
  • Disputes if any, will be settled under the legal jurisdiction of the state of Delhi, India

Post Repair Feed Back

BDS Support will initiate a Request for Feed Back as part of its internal procedure to close an RMA

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