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Parents need not worry who will teach

mBot is sold along with Basic Robotic Course BDS 113 as a product course combo at no additional cost to you. For course details kindly see on-line courses page.

Your mBot – Our Teaching

What is Basic Robotics Course

Targeting students ages 8 Plus, this eight-hour course teaches fundamentals of Robotics using Makeblock’s unique multi-dimensional mBlock 5 software that is inspired by Scratch 3.0

Students learn on-line in eight, one-hour sessions, at their own pace, interacting with a teacher.

What will Children Learn

Students first learn to assemble a basic robot using a mBot Robotic kit that they buy from BDS education

They then learn how to code it to enable it to mimic human actions

Students also learn to code using sprites and then undertake projects related to Animation and making games.They also learn to code its individual sensors and undertake projects that introduce them to the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things in a real-world environment.

After each session, they are given projects as homework and a quiz to be answered online to assimilate what they learn in the class


Join the mBot Family

mBot is the youngest sibling of a family of robots that initiates children in to robotics at age 8 and accompanies them in their robotic journey till college graduation.

A family that starts with a simple robot and goes up to the level of international competitions

To enable students do and learn more, the family offers five levels of add-on packs/products:

  • Five options for basic add-on packs
  • Add-on packs for external sensors
  • This course gives a brief introduction of these options
  • mBot ranger
  • Ultimate 2.0
  • Make X competition pack

Capability to Do & Learn More

mBot structural parts have full compatibility with Lego blocks

High school & college students can use mBot to learn and code in both Python and Arduino CStudents can combine the mechanical parts of their old Lego blocks with the power of mBot sensors to create robots of different forms and functions as per their imagination

Possibilities are limited by imagination only

Sample Project Videos

In the course we covers over 30 projects with the students.

In each session:

  • Some projects are explained in the class.
  • Others are given as home work.
  • Final project codes are also given to help students.

Having done these projects themselves, students will be able to make their own projects to sharpen their imagination & creativity skills.


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