Variety gizmos add-on pack for mBot & mBot Ranger

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Used with mBot & mBot Ranger, it is a powerhouse of robotics. It contains 6 add-on cases for mBot and 2 for mBot Ranger, this pack enriches the motion control and appearance relative to your robots.  Include 5 types of mechanical parts in professional grade aluminium alloy. Also includes 5 electronic parts, e.g. a servo and an RGB LED module

The variety gizmos add-on pack for mBot and mBot Ranger is a brand-new add-on pack. It contains six add-on cases for mBot and two for mBot Ranger.

It has enriched the cases for motion control and appearance relative to mBot and mBot Ranger. Besides, you can assemble it into more forms on your own idea and explore more possibilities.

mBot add-on case 1: Antenna Car

A robot car that can detect obstacle through its two-micro switch.

mBot add-on case 2: Traffic Gate

Traffic gate, the gate would be closed when the light turns red, and the gate would be opened when it turns green.

mBot add-on case 3: Dancing Cat

mBot add-on case 4: Head-Shaking Cat

mBot add-on case 5: Light-Emitting Cat

mBot add-on case 6: Timer

The timer can record the time, and it can be used as the handle of mBlock stage.

mBot Ranger add-on case 1: Sunflower

The sunflower always face to the place where there is bright

mBot Ranger add-on case 2: Magic Stick

The colour and effects of the light can be changed by shaking the magic stick or touch the micro switch.



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