mBlock 5 Coding Software

Scratch & Python

    To code for Free
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Guide Books for Teachers & Students

Scratch & Python

  • Graphical Guide for Learning it Yourself

  • A series of three self learning books

  • one on scratch & two on Python

  • Markets First & Only

  • series of its kind

  • Designed for schools & Colleges

Basic Coding - Codey Rocky

Brings Coding to life

  • A pre-assembled robot for beginners. Has over 100 Scratch projects Basic movements, expressions Maths, animation, gaming AI, IOT & deep learning Migration to python.

Jr Coding Lab in a Box

Codey Rocky Neuron Education Kit

    Designed to teach coding & STEM contains
  • Codey Rocky

  • STEM Modules (Neurons)

  • 177 page teaching guide

Sr Coding Lab in a Box (Cyber pi Go Kit)

Introduces fun into Python

  • Designed for practical Python education in schools. Worlds most unique pocket coder. Has its own IDE. Compatible with std libraries & modules. Has in-built display, joystick, buttons & more. Do Automation projects using third party sensors.

Basic Robotics - mBot 2.4 Ghz

Product family that will teach robotics from primary school till collage.

Learn to:

  • Assemble & code robots

  • Over fifty coding projects in scratch

  • Make more robots using optional add-on packs

  • Packs contain mechanical parts & sensors

  • Collection & learning grow with the child

mBot Classroom Kit Jr Robotic Lab in a Box

Childs first step to ISRO & NASA

    Designed to develop childs interest in robotics. Make 12 different types of robots More as per imagination Box contains:
  • 1 mBot

  • 1 perception gizmo add-on pack

  • 1 variety gizmo add-on packs

  • Construction guide

Ultimate 2.0 - Sr Robotic Lab in a Box

Designed for tomorrows Robotic Engineers

  • Make & code 10 advance robots (camera dolly, 360 photography Robotic bar tender, rolling tank Two wheel balancing robot Six legged robot & more)

HaloCode - STEM Lab in a box

Wireless computer for your pocket

  • child's Personal coder Learn how things work code in scratch & python integrate with external sensors Combine coding with creative art innovate & make creative gadgets

Snap on Electronics Lab in a Box

Circultry could not be more fun

  • No Wiring, No soldering, compact modules, snap-on to connect, snap-off to disconnect, instant re-use by other student, logical co-relation with circuitry. Easy teaching & enjoyable learning very low cost of ownership.

  • Four Level Options:
  • Level 1 (primary) 34 experiments

  • Level 2 (upper primary) 390 experiments

  • Level 3 (secondary) 979 experiments

  • Level 4 (college) Super set no 1

Snap-on Basic Arduino Lab in a Box

Worlds fastest Arduino Trainer

  • Designed for beginners

  • Designed for school & Colleges

  • has all snap-on advantages

  • Pen drive of over 80 projects

  • 138 page comprehensive guide

  • First & the only one of its kind

Drones & Air Propelled Vehicles

Keep crashing keep innovating

  • World first & only transformable drone

  • Designed to learn to make & fly drones

  • Designed to code for autonomous operation

  • Designed to transform to hovercraft & more

  • Damage proof design gives freedom to learn

  • Integrate with lego parts for creative projects