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Ages 8+
Childs First coding buddy

Teaches a child how Code enables things he sees around him work, the fun way. Teaches game/activity-based AI and IoT fundamentals. Both are based on drag & drop Scratch 2.0. It also enables them to switch to Python in a click

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Age 8+
Childs initiation to the world of STEM  (Science, Technology, Engineering Arts & Maths)

This is done using NEURON kitsZ or Snap-on Electronic Experimentation kits. These are electronic modules/blocks, with individual functionalities. Blocks that Snap on together to create a device without wiring and soldering. This device then gives life to an art forms created by the child. Neurons are compatible with Logo bricks and others

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Age 8+
Childs initiation to the amazing world of Robotics

Our robotic range takes a child on a learning journey from the classroom, all the way to Mars. They come as easy to assemble kits and add-on kits. They teach drag and drop programming. They have the capability to switch to Python, the language the machine works on, in just one click. They are compatible with Lego bricks and mechanical kits like Meccano

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Nano DRONES - Hubsan

Age 12+
A product line designed for Beginners and photo / adventure Enthusiasts

Based on years of Australian experience, we bring to you, value for money Nano Drones. Our drones are GPS enabled with inbuilt camera having different resolution options. They come with online support to enable you to fly them out of the box and after sale spares support to continue flying them later

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Arduino for Dummies

Age 12 +
Innovative TIY (Teach It Yourself) Product that teaches Arduino the fun way

Arduino is the next big thing of the future, happening today. This unique kit provides 65 easy and quick assembly circuits, plus 90 ready-made programs to teach young minds the basics of Arduino, without getting stuck in the technicalities involved. This is done through robust, color coded, long life, Snap-on blocks, having different functions. The child snaps on the blocks on to a plastic pallet, in a sequence, as per a circuit diagram, he sees in an easy to follow manual. This requires no wiring or soldering

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Age 12 +
A comprehensive Arduino kit (Halo Code) designed to bring out the inventor in a child

Every child is a born creator. Called Halo Code, this kit enables a child to realize this, all on his own. It is a coin size, AI focused, IoT enabled,  "Scratch based Wireless Coder” every child must possess as his own. It enables multithreading. It can get attached to over 60 external accessories and sensors to enable the young minds to visualize more and achieve more. To protect your investment, it has been made compatible with Neuron, Lego and other blocks

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Electronic & Electrical Circuitry for Dummies

Age 12 +
Learn principles behind basic electronic and electrical circuitry

No journey in technology can be complete without knowing the basics of circuitry. Learning it without the rigors involved is a challenge. Our unique kits do so through robust, color coded, long life, Snap-on Snap-off blocks, having different functions. The blocks Snap on to a plastic pallet, in a sequence, that a child sees in a diagrammatic form in an easy to follow manual. They require no wiring or soldering. We provide a wide range of kits from 15 experiments to kits of 979 experiments, covering different topics of modern interest like Alternate Energy, Smat Cars, RGB, Voice magic etc

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Ages 12+
A product that combines Creative Arts with Coding, Science & Technology

Cuts and engraves in three simple steps autonomously. This cutting and engraving could involve simple hand made patterns/designs to complicated computer generated ones. It supports multiple material options. It is a must in every school, college & institute or to start a new earning avenue for any enterprising entrepreneur. It is a revolution waiting to happen

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We offer Multiple Lab Options. These include

Labs for homes,  “Booster Lab Pack” for existing Atal Tinkering Labs. An "Evaluation Lab Pack” schools that do not have labs. A “Value for Money Lab Pack” for Tier 2 & Tier 3 Enginnering Colleges. A “Place of Pride Lab” for Public/International Schools and Tier 1 Engineering Colleges

With over forty boxes of hardware from structural beams to joiners, from servos to actuators, from screws to nuts and blots, we can tailor the labs just for you

Our hardware follows industrial standards in construction and nomenclature and come with, ever evolving Rich Content

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