Journey of A Business Man


Beyond Impossible Interview with an Unknown Diamond

How do you explain your life story in ten seconds?

Starting with a solid foundation laid at the National Defence Academy at age 15, it spans over diverse careers & retirements, with no retirement but only a growth plan in sight.

What are these diverse careers?

Soldering, IT professional, Farming & last but not the least is Social upliftment of underprivileged through Education.

These are very diverse. What has been your transition, Mantra?

In the army we are taught to fight in the snow, but we land up fighting in the desert. Just the opposite. So, the mantra is “Wear your shoes accordingly & get into them fast”.

How does coding help achieve your aim of social upliftment of underprivileged?

Coding is the easiest to learn & most paying. If one child becomes coding iterate, the status of the family is set to change.

If god appeared and asked you for a wish related to your current project. What would it be?

Introduce me to a person who shares a similar vision. I cannot do it alone, but as a buddy team we can achieve beyond impossible.

Who has been your biggest support.

Biggest support is a motivated team that I love creating. However, behind it has been my wife who has always allowed my career to be my first wife. Sadly, she is not in the boat now.

What is your yardstick of success?

Everyone has his own yardstick. For me success is fulfilled challenges. In the army my chosen pinnacle was commanding a Regiment in war (equivalent to a factory of 500 employees). As an IT professional it was my client the Govt of Kerala winning Golden Nica, the Oscar of IT. As a farmer it was earning a name in soil less farming. Now in education the pinnacle will come when I can take the benefits of Coding to rural & EWS families.

I would call it “Mission Impossible”. From where & from whom do you draw your inspiration to plan something like this?

Operation Overlord for return of allied armies to Europe during WW 2 was indeed a “Mission Impossible.” Any entrepreneur wanting to become an Industrialist (not businessman) must read about it & understand the vision that Gen Eisenhower had in its planning & execution.

Your current aim is far too ambitious. How do you plan to do it?

Compare it with a marathon over unknown terrain. I have a very clear vision of my end goal. I have an idea of the steps involved. I have the capability to find solutions to obstacles & patience to bind it together. Above all, I know the only person who has the same vision & could really help me is ME.