Beware of The Illiterate Tag


Beware of The "IllITERATE" Tag

In the present era traditional learning is not sufficient to achieve one's goal, keeping ourselves updated and acquiring knowledge about the revolutions occurring in the field of education is the need of the hour and a necessity.

However much we try to deny it, history has an uncanny way of repeating itself, denying will be ignorance.

History of English Language

It was a West Germanic language brought to its hometown Britain, by the Anglo-Saxon migrants in the sixth century. For the next seven centuries, it remained dormant. Later in the following two centuries, there was a Vowel shift, with the industrial revolution in the eighteenth century. It exploded & spread across the globe like wildfire with hundreds of variants or dialects. So much so that in the twentieth century, anyone, in any corner of the globe not knowing English was “Labelled as an Illiterate”.

History of Machine Language

History of Machine Language- Called Programming or Coding its history is no different. Only the timelines have been compressed. Changes that English saw over a century, have been crossed by machine language or coding in just a decade.

It started with the advent of the Analytical Engine by Charles Babbage in 1883. For the next seven decades, it remained dormant. The next two saw it move from Fortran in 1957 to Cobol, Basic, Pascal & finally to C in the seventies. A decade later, with the introduction of Python & Visual Basic, it expanded & brought in variants like Jawa, PHP, Ruby, Arduino C & finally Scratch.

Does it sound familiar?

Recent Leaps Until this stage, programming had been done by humans to enable machines to work for us. Recent Developments in what is called Machine Learning have been mind-blowing. This is a form of coding where machines can code themselves to perform specific tasks for us. ChatGPT is a typical example. With this, it takes only a moment for coding to spread far and wide. With this revolution, there is a need for people to learn to code. Those who are ignorant will be “Labelled as Illiterate”.

Parent Responsibility It's a fact that every parent must understand the need for this programming or the future of their child. It is their responsibility to update their children about the language of Coding for this will be considered as literacy in the modern era.

Let's make things simpler and easier for posterity.
"A revolution in Machine learning has yet to come & when it does. it will be worth team microsoft"